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"Expert Medical doctors reveal A Simple 4-step wash day routine For All Curly Hair Types that Reduces Hair breakage & Stimulates healthy natural hair growth."

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"Discover the secret that every Woman of color struggling to grow healthy natural hair needs"

2 Doctors and A Scientist

Curl Science is the result of 3 sisters each on their own Natural hair journey...

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Dr. Samantha                   Jennifer                         Dr. Gerdie

Dr. Samantha    Jennifer      Dr. Gerdie 

Curl Science is for women of color by women of color.  Dr. Samantha, Dr. Gerdie, and Jennifer the scientist, are three sisters who each went on their personal natural hair journey and discovered the key to growing natural hair.  This was done despite Samantha battling thyroid disease, Jennifer with high blood pressure, and Gerdie with pregnancy related issues.   Curl Science knows personally, that medical illness doesn't just affect your health, but also your hair.  They spent countless hours on hair research and perfected the simple routine that has changed how women of color view and grow their hair.  This system has been prescribed to their patients and now for the first time, it's available to YOU.  Learn TODAY how these sisters, mothers, and busy professionals overcame their medical issues and developed the SECRET to growing healthy hair!

"Stimulate hair growth in 4 easy steps"

"Stop searching endless websites, books, or hair forums trying to figure out how to care for your hair. 'Curl Science' has you covered with a personalized routine for your unique needs."

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  • The routine that Dr Samantha uses that SAVED her hair even while battling thyroid disease
  • Discover the biggest mistakes that's costing you inches off your hair growth potential so that you can have the hair you want, instead of settling for the hair you have
  • Our 4 step routine that stimulates and boosts hair growth, even if you don't have thyroid disease and are struggling with dry brittle hair
  • How to do your whole wash day routine in the time it takes to watch your favorite movie, so that you can enjoy your wash day instead of dreading it
  • Soften your hair by using ingredients or products you already have at home in order to restore strength and moisture to your curls

"Your curl type is #1... Be brave, be beautiful, be yourself"